Additional features

Use the most convenient methods to accept payments: if you provide a subscription service, you can repeat payments, if you communicate with your customers a lot, you can send invoices via live chats, if you sell unusual products for varying prices, you can send invoices from the Merchant Profile.
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Recurring payments

This option allows debiting a certain amount at a set date without the customer’s involvement.

Suitable for payments made via bank cards and the GlobalPay wallet.

For a certain period

Hosting, internet access, charities
Collect service or subscription fees on time.

By the remaining balance

Mobile service, messengers, online games
Add money to account balances before they run out of funds.

How it works

  1. The client pays for services and consents to saving the card details.

  2. All further payments will be repeated without their involvement.

  3. The funds will be debited from the client's card on time, and they will receive the payment notification.


This option allows debiting the payment by your request. If the order is cancelled or the product is not in stock, the funds can be easily returned to the customer. No fee will be charged for such refund.

Suitable for payments made via bank cards.

How it works

  1. You send the request for holding the sum on the customer's card.

  2. Make sure the product is ready for shipping.

  3. Specify the total amount and confirm debiting.

Invoicing in Merchant Profile

No development required: sign up for the GlobalPay Merchant Profile, and you’ll be able to send invoices immediately. The invoice is sent via email, by text message, or a special link that will lead the customer to the payment page at GlobalPay.

Invoicing via live chats

This option allows to send invoices to the clients during a chat on your website, in a social network, or in a messenger.

How it works

During a live chat with the seller, the customer decides on a purchase. The seller sends the payment button in one of the messages directly in the chat, then the customer proceeds to the GlobalPay’s page and pays in the usual manner using a payment method convenient for them.
  • Sign up for GlobalPay and implement the special chat for websites, JivoSite.

  • Tell the manager you'd like to enable invoicing via live chats during the onboarding process.

More customers

Even those who simply wanted to ask a question end up making a purchase.

More purchases

The seller helps find more suitable options.

Extra points to karma

Less time spent on searching for products and making an order.